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We are a software solution integrator focused on PLM and Industry 4.0 technologies for design, assembly and integration, service and operation. A broad, proven and long expertise on development and customization of Dassault Catia solutions, as well as on most known CAD,CAM,CAE and PLM systems allow us to to improve our customer processes by bringing value through powerful tools and solutions for managing communication, assembly and integration, service and operation across multiple industry domains.

We develop web solutions where the 3D industrial Digital Mockup can enhance planning, sales, control and quality of the products designed, developed and serviced by our customers. A key feature of our software is that they are not bound to the specific PLM and CAD system used by the customer, in that they are seamlessly superimposed as an upper layer over to existing and legacy company systems.
Our solution are based on the interaction with the iDMU, the industrial digital mockup, which becomes a source of useful information and data along the value chain, for multiple actors with different needs and roles inside the company organization.

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